Why Fight Abuse?

The arguments are several. In the sections below, we highlight a few.

Protect your brand reputation

You don’t want your Brand to be associated with clearly malicious activities that could be prevented. Your actions will be an expression of your Brand values, ethics and morals.

Protect your customers

You don’t want your Reseller or customers to be harmed by or associated with malicious activities. Customers will trust you if they know that you take your task seriously to prevent them harm.

Protect the general public

You don’t want your family, friend or neighbors to be harmed by malicious acts you could have prevented.

Protect the Industry

Domains facilitate a connection between people and information and services. Trusting this connection is paramount. Abuse weakens this trust and, if not mitigated, will eventually lead to the rise of alternatives that might not be beneficial for the industry or the general public. Like, e.g., social networks and apps.

Reduce Associated Costs

Prevent costs by being proactive. The faster you react to abuse, the less time and effort, and cost will need to be spent. It’s better to deal with an abuse case before a customer complaints, or the abuse gets to spread further. Some types of abuse might cause downtime and service interruptions. Catching this early will minimize the potential damage.


Scammers and hackers will always seek out easy targets. Acting swiftly and shutting down the abuse early will deter the hackers from targeting you.

Who is responsible?

Ok, Fighting Abuse is necessary, but who is responsible?

Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to deal with abuse.

Abuse is a nuisance and a problem that nobody wants to own if they could choose not to.

Ignoring it will not make it go away

Passing it up or down the supply chain will not either.

Don't let others decide

If the industry does not manage to address this issue other stakeholders will eventually have to step in and enforce laws and policies that might not be beneficial for the industry and or the general public.

The industry has to work as a team

Abuse can not efficiently be mitigated by one or a few stakeholders alone. It requires that the industry works together and helps each other out.

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