Spend less time fighting abuse

A SaaS solution that continuously scans domains for abuse and, through structure, workflow, and automation, provides an efficient way of managing it at scale.

Developed by ex Registrar and Registry Operators who understands your challenges.

Adopted by +150 TLDs, Leading Registrars, Hosters and Saas Providers. +60 million scans performed daily.

Flexibility and scalability are a hallmark and philosophy of our built-from-scratch system design.


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Let's take you though the basics

Adopted by +150 TLDs, Registrars, Hosters and SaaS Providers.

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"People ask me: How do you manage to keep the abuse level so low? My answer: Simple, we use iQ Abuse Manager."

Kevin Koopas, Co-Founder and COO - Shortdot


"IIS (.se and .nu) have been using iQ Abuse Manager for several years and the tool is of great assistance to us."

Peter Forsman, Abuse Manager på Internetstiftelsen

How to Fight Abuse

To successfully fight abuse at scale you’ll only need a few ingredients

Intelligence facilitates detection, Evidence builds the case

Detecting abuse requires gathering intelligence, tracers, and predictors that combined will identify and give evidence of these activities.

We have done the heavy lifting by researching over 200 Abuse feeds, assessed them for quality, false-positive rates, and integrate only the best ones.

Quality Reports

Low false-positive rate, low source overlap, high update frequency, rich report details, good source reputation.

Covering threat types like

phishing, malware, botnets, pharming, spam or fake webshops

Technical integration

iQ facilitates the integration with the source and makes sure that the update and scan frequency is optimized.
Google Web Risk

Automation reduces the workload

Much thought has gone into the platform architecture and application logic to facilitate automation. For example, reports are grouped into cases, so you don't process the same event several times.

Automatic Report Grouping
Automatic Resolution Logic
Case reappearance prevention logic

Dashboard provides oversight

The Dashboard provides you with important KPIs and intuitive insight over the abuse cases. The structure helps you stay organized.

Complex Search, Sort & Filtering
Export and Bulk Edit Tools
KPIs to Learn Trends

Detailed case view speeds up decisions

The case details view provides the abuse agent with as much evidence and details as possible to allow the case agent to make quick assessment on the type of abuse and which actions needs to be taken.

Easy to use
Automatic Screenshot Capture
Investigation tools
Audit trail

Email Reports keeps you informed

Daily Email Reports shows new and open cases. It enables you to take immediate action and over time build understanding to predict trends and identify abnormalities.

Keeps you informed
Mobile layout

Bulk Tools Provides Efficiency

Thousands of Abuse Cases can be efficiently processed just by a few clicks using the bulk update tools.

Easy to use
Make you more efficient

Audit Trail record actions

The system will automatically record all actions, which provides each case with a transparent and traceable audit trail. This can be useful when looking up which actions have been taken or if documentation needs to be provided.

Statistics keep you informed

iQ Abuse Manager automatically generates statistics allowing you to monitor and investigate abuse trends.


Reports keep you compliant

iQ Abuse Manager automatically generates a suite of reports, including ICANN Registry Agreement Specification 11.3B compliant reports.

APIs facilitates integration

iQ Abuse Manager JSON REST API enables integration with your existing systems. Need assitance with integration? Let us know!

API Documentation


Share the data, invite others

The “sub-account” functionality allows you to give limited access to other entities. E.g. Registries to Registrars, Hosters to Resellers. The “sub-accounts” can themselves manage their own users. A “sub-account” will only see abuse cases related to their domains.

No additional cost
Easy to set up

+60M Scans per day

+3M Active Abuse Reports

+20K Cases Resolved per day

How to scan your domains

It's quick and easy to setup

Provide Domain Names

The List of Domains to be scanned can either be fetched by the system or uploaded using files or API.

Abuse Scan

All domains in the list will be scanned and assessed for abuse according to the selected abuse categories.

Analyze the results

Log in to the Dashboard or pull data from the API to get detailed insight into all abuse cases, statistics and reports.

iQ Abuse Manager Pricing

Prices start from $175 per month

solutions for

TLD Registries

Registrars, Resellers & Hosters

SaaS Providers

Interested in a Free Trial or Demo?

Setting up a no-obligation Free Trial or a Demo is super simple. Please contact [email protected] and Pinky Brand or Gianni Ponzi will get in touch with you about next steps.

Consultancy Services

Tap into combined 100+ years of trusted knowledge, experience and wisdom in the domain name industry.

Abuse Policy Development

To manage abuse efficiently, you need policies that define acceptable use and provide you legal causeways to take action. You must have internal procedures that describe how you practice your policies.

iQs senior Compliance and Policy staff can assist you in developing or reviewing existing policies if needed. We can also assist in developing internal routines and practices to help you most efficiently enforce your policies.


Want us to work together on optimizing your Policies and Procedures?


Want to Outsource Abuse?

We understand that for various reasons, not everyone has the internal resources to manage abuse. We, therefore, offer Abuse Management as a professional service. Our experienced staff could either handle all abuse or work in cooperation with your existing team. Services will be performed in accordance with your abuse policies.

Considering outsourcing your abuse management?

Need something bespoke?

The full tech stack of the iQ Abuse Manager is developed in-house. This allows us to do deep integrations, complex customization and rapid iterations. Do you have any special workflow requirements?


Want us to discuss how we could help develop exactly what you need?

The Team

iQ Abuse Manager is developed and managed by people passionate about making the Internet a better place. We are ex Registrar and Registry Operators that understand your challenges.

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