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Have the iQ Senior Abuse Policy Advisors work to take down abusive or infringing domain names for you!

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We work directly with +150 TLDs, Leading Registrars, Hosters and Saas Providers.

With access to a multitude of datasources on domain name abuse, we can empower your request with our intel.

What is a iQ Domain Take Down?

Never had to deal with a domain take down before? What will we do for you? Find out below!

Gathering of Evidence

We will gather evidence of abusive or infringing behavior based on the information you give us, the information available on the domain name, as well as other reports, available in our Threat Intelligence feeds.

Contacting Related Providers

iQ Senior Policy Advisors will contact Service Providers (that are related to the domain name Registry, Registrar, Hoster) to inform them and request that the domain name and site is taken down.

Take Down Advisory

If the Service Providers will not facilitate an immediate take down of the domain name, iQ Senior Policy Advisors will put together an informational package of other routes available such as a UDRP.

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